Before You Speak…


Recently, I was in Sunday School class and my Sunday School teacher told us some profound information about speaking.  I wrote it down and chose to start the week by helping us apply her instructions as we carry on various conversations throughout the week.  So many times we speak without considering the impact and ramifications of our words.  We choose to disregard the feelings of others, and would be upset if we were spoken to in the same manner.  My Sunday School teacher admonished us to consider these questions before we speak:

Is it true?

Is it necessary to say?

Is it kind?

As we go about our lives this week, let’s use these questions as a litmus test for the words that we choose to say to one another.  I believe we will have less conflict and confrontations with others.  What do you think?  Practice asking yourself these questions this week before you speak, and let me know your results.

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