You Might Not Need A Smartphone If…

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1. You still don’t know how to turn it on.

2. When your screen goes black, you think your phone is turned off.

3. Your phone is always in the bottom of your bag turned off.

4. You still leave messages on others voicemail saying, “You need to answer your phone!”

5. You have no idea what these are: an apple id, gmail or live id.

6. You say things like, “How many minutes of data do I have?”

7. You don’t know how to access settings on your phone.

8. You don’t know how to download an application.

9. You say I just got this phone to take pictures.

10. Something is always acting up on your phone. Uh, no that’s called user error!

Please do the rest of us a favor and either learn how to use your smartphone, or just return to using a basic phone.

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