Oasis, The Last Humans Book 1 *Review*


Previously, I wasn’t a fan of sci-fi books, but this book has definitely piqued my interest. The book starts slowly feeding you background information about the main character, Theo, and his friends Liam and Mason. We also meet Phoe (Fee); who I wasn’t sure if she was a figment of his imagination or a real person. The book takes a sudden turn when Mason disappears and is forgotten by everyone but Theo. This event leads to the basis of the book and has an interesting climax that leaves you wanting more.

The name of the book is a good play on the type of world the people are living. A world nothing like our world, and one that some may be interested: no worries but only tranquil living. However, with that tranquil living comes the loss of freedom of speech, expression and to be yourself. For a moment, I imagined being in this world and wondered would the benefits be worth the sacrifices. This book is a good read and I look forward to book two.

I received an advanced copy of this ebook for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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