21st Century Feminism….

Well said!

The Urban Talented Tenth

Lately, it has become a common fad of the media to criticize, or rather scrutinize any woman who wants to show her sexuality on a public platform. I’ve personally ignored these poor attempts at trying to evoke some type of outrage amongst the “feminists” of the world, mainly because I thought we as a gender evolved past the point of being boxed in by the stereotypes of what a woman should act like.

Unfortunately, after reading and overhearing many comments and conversations about the subject I’ve realized that we as women, have created a new box for ourselves.

In the year 2014, an age where women are CEOs, possible presidential candidates (go Hilary!), millionaire entrepreneurs & so much more; we have still managed to construct a standard of what a good woman should be. So many feminists have taken a stance against women who openly express their sexuality, women who…

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