Love Yourself

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When we think of the month of February, our thoughts drift toward Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a day that lovers demonstrate their love for each other. Is this a correct assessment? Actually, I believe a lot of women are preparing for the current love of their life to do something special for them on Valentine’s Day. Some women expect dinner, others expect dinner and a movie and there are even others that expect dinner, a movie and a gift.

The gift!

The gift is the foundation of miscommunication.

Some women are expecting an expensive gift, and others that are just expecting a gift. We think in our minds that our men know us and should be able to choose a great gift! Well, we know the story. On Valentine’s night there are plenty of women whose expectations are not met, and they take to social media or their BFF’s phone to discuss how disgusted they are with their Valentine’s night and gift.

I have a remedy for avoiding feelings of disgust on Valentine’s night – LOVE YOURSELF! Do something special for yourself. Refuse to wait around for someone else to demonstrate their love for you. Let’s be serious. How many men have loved us the way we want to be loved, or even demonstrated love for us the way we want them to demonstrate their love. We can choose to love ourselves. When we love ourselves, we will be loved the way we expect to be loved. We will receive gifts that reflect the level of love we have for ourselves.

As we are loving ourselves, let’s stop setting ridiculous expectations. Valentine’s Day is one day out of the year. Is Valentine’s Day the only day you want a public display of love? I hope not! I want someone who will love me the way I love me – every day of the year and occasionally buy me a nice gift.

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