Too old or Too young: the focus is age

Nice perspective from a young worker in Corporate America.

The Urban Talented Tenth

Welcome to my current situation…..

Let me start by saying I love my job and I love what I do, however I have never been too keen on office politics. Currently, I am the youngest on the leadership staff by at least 20 years or more and I am GREAT at my job, but more often then not my coworkers stay a little too focus on my age and not my knowledge. Which brings me to this question, “how old is too old to be in leadership and how young is too young?”

Every day there is a mention of my age, however I have successfully increased my companies production rate by 10% and put business practices in place that has given us an effective way to track and analyze production on any metric. Yet, to the others on my leadership team they only see my age. It’s an uphill battle…

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