Resist Chicago Resist!

Folks always have something to say. At least Father Pfleger is true to his activism for the community. Are protests supposed to make us comfortable? Will we agree with all protests? Everyone has the right to protest. A protest is supposed to shake things up, bring attention to disparities, and facilitate change.

The truth is some folks don’t care about the shootings in Chicago because it’s not happening in their neighborhood. Well, guess what? One day shootings could be happening in your neighborhood or one of your family members could be a victim of gun violence. Then, you will want everyone involved in being an activist against gun violence.

I think about my family members and it’s only God’s grace that it hasn’t been one of my family members or me the victim of gun violence. We are good at talking mess about what needs to happen and what everyone else should be doing. Well, what about you? What are you willing to do for things to change?

If you are interested in protesting against gun violence in Chicago, please click here. Shut the Dan Ryan down on July 7th!

Missing My Mom

Thinking about my mom today. It’s been three months since she passed, and she’s in my thoughts daily. I had a good chuckle last night and today with my niece about her.

When I lived in ND in the 90s, my niece came to live with me. One day we were gone all day. I don’t remember where we went. We didn’t have cell phones. We arrived home to a note on my door from the military police. The note said “Call your mom.”

My mom had the military police come to my house😂😂😂😂. The fact that she was able to even find their number was hilarious!! She was concerned because she had been calling and couldn’t reach us.

This will be funny forever!!

Rules To Live By

I thank God I’ve survived so far and made most decisions using common sense. Common sense is priceless.

I just want to help others that may need need assistance navigating this journey called life.   These rules are not listed in any order of importance because they are all important.  Here’s some rules to live by:

Don’t burn bridges – 9 times out of 10 you’re going to need that person again.

Listen to your elders – you’ll have less headaches, heartaches and stress.

Practice good work ethics.

Don’t quit a job before you have the next job.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Don’t buy into this romance movie happiness that includes statements like “you complete me.”

Don’t have sex with folks that just look good. Are they responsible? If a child results, will you have to put out an APB for them to help with the child? Would you want this woman to be the mother of your child? Do you want this person in your life for the rest of your life?

Don’t have sex in every relationship.  Is there a rule you have to have sex? Everybody ain’t worthy – ijs.

Surround yourself with folks that encourage and support you.

Learn how to be a real friend. Once you learn the real meaning, you may find out the folks you’ve been saying are on your squad are not on your squad.

Have a personal relationship with God. Give Him some of your time. He’s worthy.

*photo created by Samuel Zeller

Letting Go


As we end 2014, let’s vow to leave some stuff that didn’t add anything positive to our lives in 2014. We should be tired of allowing people, circumstances and things to hinder our progress. We have to make ourselves a priority and not depend on others to make us a priority. Nobody will care about you the way you do.

Aren’t you tired of blaming others for your circumstance or situation? Don’t you want to make lasting changes that impact you forever? It’s time to just let it go. Whatever “it” may be, it’s time to say no more! Refuse to accept mediocrity and decide to operate with a spirit of excellence in every area of your life. Refuse to live a substandard existence – let it go!

Let go everything that has hindered your growth. Take back the power you have freely given to negative people, past situations and circumstances in your life. Sexual, emotional and mental abuse don’t have any power over you anymore! Financial problems and unemployment have to go!! Health and weight issues – power be gone!!

This post isn’t about making a New Year’s resolution. This post is about closing out 2014 with the determination to not allow what or who hindered you in 2014 to be a factor in 2015. Tell me, what’s the nonfactors you’re leaving in 2014.

Too old or Too young: the focus is age

Nice perspective from a young worker in Corporate America.

The Urban Talented Tenth

Welcome to my current situation…..

Let me start by saying I love my job and I love what I do, however I have never been too keen on office politics. Currently, I am the youngest on the leadership staff by at least 20 years or more and I am GREAT at my job, but more often then not my coworkers stay a little too focus on my age and not my knowledge. Which brings me to this question, “how old is too old to be in leadership and how young is too young?”

Every day there is a mention of my age, however I have successfully increased my companies production rate by 10% and put business practices in place that has given us an effective way to track and analyze production on any metric. Yet, to the others on my leadership team they only see my age. It’s an uphill battle…

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Remember When…


Kickball and dodgeball were played during gym and recess.

We had recess!

Penny candy was really penny.

We jumped double dutch.

We played hide-and-go-get, oops I mean hide-and-go-seek.

You had a one on one fight and lived to be friends again.

Being ten and home alone wasn’t a crime.

Parents would come to school and whoop you in front of the class, and teachers let them.

Failing the Constitution meant you failed 8th grade.

Playing the dozens was a right of passage.

Parents were parents and could care less about being their children’s friend.

Grandma was actually old.

You couldn’t catch a mother and her children in the same nightclub.

We played outside until the street lights came on.

We played hopscotch, red light green light stop and hand games like Miss Mack.

Little girls didn’t wear weaves.

A singer actually had to be able to sing in order to receive a recording contract.

What do you remember?

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