Naturally Curly Problem #5,999



There are Black girls with naturally curly hair.  No, I didn’t place anything special in my hair to make it curl.  This brand of specialness came via DNA.  I’m mixed with the same races you’re mixed.  I don’t have a good hair!  My texture just happens to be curly.  I struggle with my texture because there isn’t much I can do with it.  Twistouts, twistins or whatever styles are being called today are not my friends. Gel is my enemy.

I literally wash and go.  Wash it or cowash, slap some leave in condish in my hair and keep it moving.  I’m tired of being looked at like I’m part of the circus, and being questioned about my hair like I’m lying.  I had a lady tell me I must be Indian, and she kept calling me a little Indian.  I held my tongue because both of us didn’t have to be ignorant.  When I see others with a style I like, I compliment and keep going.  I wish my hair was kinkier!  The styling options have no limits.  Let me offer a few tips for those that suffer from diarrhea of the mouth:

1.  Google is your friend.  Use it!

2.  If you have 50-11 questions, just stop it!

3.  If you get ready to ask a question or make a statement and it sounds ignorant to you,

it’s ignorant!  Keep calm and remain silent.

4.  Please don’t pet a natural hair.  We are not poodles and your hand might get slapped!

5.  Embrace your texture.

6.  Products can’t curl hair that isn’t curly.  Don’t believe the hype!

7.  If all else fails, follow tip #1.

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