You’re cute, but…



I am rendered speechless by those who are unable to compliment someone else without providing shade at the same time.  Why is it so difficult to just say a compliment without adding shade?  We have all heard these type of compliments.  I like her hair, but I don’t like that color.  That outfit is cute, but it should be a different color.  Her shape is nice, but she’s too skinny.  She has a cute face and she would be even cuter, if she wasn’t overweight.  She’s so beautiful, no homo!  Which leads me to trying to understand the purpose of adding “no homo”  after a compliment.  You’re not secure enough in who you are that you are afraid the person you are paying the compliment will think you are a homosexual.  I will never add “no homo” to any compliment I give to another woman, and I won’t provide any disclosures of not being interested as I compliment men.  Providing a compliment does not mean you want the person being complimented sexually.  If someone who is paid a compliment has delusions of being wanted sexually by the complimenter, I have s star that is currently in the galaxy to sell them!

The next time you pay someone a compliment don’t add anything negative to the compliment – just end the sentence.


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