Three Songs


There are three songs that have been pivotal in my life. These songs have helped me through some rough, good and uncertain times. These songs have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me.

Good Woman Down (MJB) – This song has been my relationship inspiration. When I have been made to feel less than enough or wondered why I was going through, this songs reminds me that I’m a good woman that will not remain down! This is my “hear me roar, I am woman” anthem.

Your Steps Are Ordered (Fred Hammond) – Anyone that knows me personally knows I love Fred Hammond! He is my all-time favorite music artist. This song helped me deal with the death of my father and everything else in my life that happens, but I don’t have an answer. This song has helped me to return my feet to my foundation – God – and know that He has ordered my steps.

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow – I do not know who sings this song, but I have heard this song in church for years. I have heard it so much that it became one of the songs that I sing. This song has helped me remember who is really in control. When I sign this song, I am calmed and can relax in my unchanging God. He has my back and He knows my future.

Music will continue to be the symphony and harmony of my life.

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