Do You See Now?

PSA – Now do you see why I am so serious about jury duty and voting?! Some refuse to go or find some way to get out of going. Well, did that grand jury reflect the community makeup? We have to make sure we do not miss an opportunity to be on a jury. I want to be judged by a jury of my peers, not folks who have no idea what being Black in America means.

Voting is essential. Specifically, voting for local government officials. When we don’t vote, we risk having people in positions of power that don’t care about all of the people in the community. We risk having police that are afraid of Black skin, so they shoot first and ask questions later.

The reality is a White person doesn’t understand my plight because he or she is not Black, and I don’t understand the plight of being White because I’m not White. What I can do is try to understand a White person’s plight by imagining how I would feel in the same situation and vice versa.

I am tired of White people saying why it’s always about race! It shows a lack of cultural and historical knowledge, when these words are uttered and saying you have Black friends means what?! Imagine being Black and walking in my shoes, then answer your own question.

The rioting saddens me. However, some don’t understand the need for change until their almighty dollar is impacted. Maybe a store owner will stop racial profiling Black customers after seeing his or her store in ruins. Maybe what rises up from the ashes will be a better Ferguson – a better America. Stay tuned. IMG_5495.JPG

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