Happily Ever After Can Be Your Reality

Just look at us on the left so young, so in love and so happy! That picture was before marriage, children, responsibilities, trials, temptations and disagreements. Now, look at us on the right.  

We have raised children, bought a home, handled our responsibilities, navigated through our differences and disagreements and successfully been married almost 29 years.  

Yes, there are days I want to trip him, and I’m sure there are days he wants to muff me upside the head, but we still love each other. If I had to do it again, I would marry the same man. You may ask how we have remained happy with each other. I want to share six points that has helped us along the way.
1. Never Go To Bed Angry – Make every effort to resolve all disagreements before going to bed. Allowing disagreements to fester leads to bitterness and can ultimately lead to divorce.

 2. Always Give 100% – If each person gives 100%, the couple always has 100%.

3. NEVER Withhold Sex – Yes, I said it! Sex shouldn’t be used as a weapon. Withholding sex from one another drives a wedge between the couple, and provides an opportunity for intimacy to be broken in the marriage.

4. Make Time For One Another – As the children and responsibilities come, continue to make time for each other. One day the children will grow up and leave, and you don’t want to wake up and realize the person lying next to you is now a stranger.
5. Do Not Sleep Apart – If you’re in the same house, sleep together. Sleeping apart creates distance between you, and distance is not something you want in your marriage. 

6. God Must Be First – God must be first in your marriage. Allow Him to lead and guide you. He will be needed in your marriage.

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