Where’s Our Support?

Black women know what it means to struggle. We struggle with the various roles we play in our lives and the lives of others. We struggle with that S for Superwoman that has been placed on our chests. A lot of times we place that S on our chests, and then there are times others place that S on our chests. Even after we successfully navigate through each day for ourselves and our families, I’m still amazed at those who treat us like we are second class citizens.

Well, second class citizens is a stretch. We are treated like we don’t have any rights. It saddens me that we feel the harsh sting of this treatment from our own Black men. I’m used to other races treating us inferior, but to be treated inferior by Black men upsets me.

You ask me why does this upset me? I’ll tell you why. Black women have always been supportive of Black men. We work and take care of our homes when Black men can’t or won’t take care of our homes. We take care of our Black children when Black men can’t or won’t take care of our children. We are the ones that give you that second, third and fourth chance, when you mess up. So, where’s our support?

Oh, you may say we have supported Black women. Have you? As a majority have Black men supported us? Oh, you will use us for what we have to offer, but where’s our support?

Where’s the support when we are being killed by the police? Where’s the marching and the public outcry by Black men? Where’s the support when another Black man hits us? Why do you turn your head and say it’s not your problem, or say that’s what she gets? Where’s the support when we are being sexually degraded in music lyrics or made fun of about our looks? Where’s the support when we are being called bitches and thots?

When are Black men going to speak up as a majority and say you will respect Black women?! You will not place your hands on a Black woman! I will not be a part of a conversation that degrades Black women.

Oh we struggle, but one area we don’t struggle with is supporting Black men. Where’s our support?

4 thoughts on “Where’s Our Support?”

  1. Great article! In addition to the truth you so eloquently presented in this article I believe we as black women need to speak out and recognize our own worth! It is time for us to stop compromising our self respect and worth. We should articulate and communicate effectively when we have been mistreated and not just wait on the black man to say something or do something. I totally agree with you and it disappoints me every time when I see a black brother disrespecting a black sister. I just wonder were is the love????


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