Do You Wanna Be Happy?


When I found this meme, it resonated with the core of my being. We live in a world where some people place their happiness in the hands of others. Why would a person choose to allow someone else to have that much power over them? I want to make sure I understand: How the person feels or treats you controls your happiness?! I refuse to allow anyone that much power over me!

We watch movies, videos and TV; and believe that another’s love makes us happy. We buy into the false reality we see in the media and believe statements like:

I can’t live without you.

I can’t breathe without you.

You complete me.

As long as I have you, I’m happy.

Guess who’s responsible for your happiness? You are! It’s selfish of you to make me or anyone else responsible for your happiness. I’m trying to handle my happiness. Do you want to know why you are responsible for your happiness? Because you’re accountable for your actions and inactions. 

It’s easy to make someone else responsible because then you are able to play the “blame game.” It’s always someone else’s fault. No, it’s your fault! You own your happiness. If you’re not happy, it’s time for self-reflection. It’s time to ask yourself some difficult questions and be man or woman enough to acknowledge what’s hindering your happiness.

Here’s my Happiness Plan:

1. Self-reflection: Time to determine why happiness eludes me.

2. A Plan: What am I going to do to be happy? Write it down. Create a vision board.  

3. Make it happen: Put your plan in action.

Let me know how my plan works for you. I can’t wait to read your happiness reports!

*I am not the creator of the above memes and was unable to locate the creators to provide proper acknowledgement*

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