Shout Out To Racists!



Before Civil Rights, an individual’s feelings about racism were evident in their actions and the words he or she stated.  People freely stated how they felt about minorities and minorities were aware of those feelings.  Those feelings led to our parents being told they had to be better at everything.  We had to out read, run, shoot, spell everyone else.  Affirmative Action came on the scene to level the playing field.  Minorities were being held back simply due to the color of their skin.  Affirmative Action allowed a qualified minority an opportunity.  Racism seem to go underground.  It wasn’t advantageous to let racist feelings be known by others.  As a result, racism became difficult to detect or uncover as a reason for not being hired, or afforded an opportunity.

Fast forward to 2014 and there seems to be an increase in racist statements being uttered publicly.  I read about Cliven Bundy last week.  He was quoted in the New York Times as wondering aloud “if Blacks were better off as slaves.”  Feel free to click on his name to read the entire story.  Then, a tape was released of Donald Sterling discussing his displeasure with his girlfriend being seen with Black people.  Click on his name to hear the entire 15 minute tape.  A few months ago Richard Sherman experienced racist comments directed at him after he trash talked after a NFL game.  It seems we are coming full circle in publicly stating racist views.

Well, I wanted to give a shout out to all racists!  I’m shouting you out because I appreciate you taking the sheet off your head and revealing yourselves!  I’m glad you are letting us know how you really feel.  Now, no one else has to assume or think you’re racist.  You let the world know your heart!  I had someone tell me recently that you can discriminate against people in hiring, but you have to find a “legal” reason not to hire the individual.  Even though you will know the real reason the person was not hired.  I was speechless!  This person spoke the very actions of so many, and sadly we are unable to reveal the real reason.  However, when the racist utters his or her racist statements publicly, they do the rest of us a favor!  We know who they are and where they really stand.  We know who not to support with our money.  A rich racist only understands profits and losses.  For this reason, we need to help your economic understanding.

Keep revealing your racist self.  Shout out to all racists!