The Friend Code


I’m convinced that some people do not know the definition of the word friend, and do not know how to be an authentic friend. To understand the lack of friendship principles of others would require a different post and more time. I was reviewing the various friends that have or still are in my life, and I created some friend categories.

The Needy Friend – we all have these type of friends. You only hear from them during a crisis, drama or when they want you to do them a “favor.” You know when their world is cohesive because they are MIA in your text and call logs.

The It’s All About Me Friend – whenever you talk to them the conversation revolves around their life. Anything you say they have a way if making it about them. If you call them because you need to vent, they end up taking over the conversation and it becomes their vent session.

The I’m Busy Friend – this is the friend who never makes time for their friends. They are always too busy. They neglect the friendship by not investing any time in the friendship. Oh, but let them enter a crisis phase! They answer your calls on the first ring. Before you complete your text, they are texting you!

The Talk Too Much Friend – they can’t keep a secret to save their life. They tell everything. If you want the word to be disseminated, this is who you tell. This is the entertaining friend. You always have a good time with this friend!

The I Have A Man/Woman Friend – whenever they have a man/woman in their lives, they kick ALL of their friends to the curb! They can’t go anywhere with you anymore because they spend all of
their free time with their man/woman. You won’t hear from them until there is trouble in paradise…

The I Got Yo Back Friend – this is the friend we all need. Their picture should be posted by the word friend. They are a confidant, advocate and will tell you when you’re wrong. You don’t have to talk every day, but when you do it’s like the comversation never stopped. They have your best interest at heart. If you need someone to pray, they are the one. A real friend.

Take a real assessment of yourself and determine what kind of friend are you. If you want to know the truth, ask your friends. Now, what actions are you going to take to be a better friend?

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