Remember When…


Kickball and dodgeball were played during gym and recess.

We had recess!

Penny candy was really penny.

We jumped double dutch.

We played hide-and-go-get, oops I mean hide-and-go-seek.

You had a one on one fight and lived to be friends again.

Being ten and home alone wasn’t a crime.

Parents would come to school and whoop you in front of the class, and teachers let them.

Failing the Constitution meant you failed 8th grade.

Playing the dozens was a right of passage.

Parents were parents and could care less about being their children’s friend.

Grandma was actually old.

You couldn’t catch a mother and her children in the same nightclub.

We played outside until the street lights came on.

We played hopscotch, red light green light stop and hand games like Miss Mack.

Little girls didn’t wear weaves.

A singer actually had to be able to sing in order to receive a recording contract.

What do you remember?

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