My Holy Grail Hair Products


Frequently, I am asked what products do I use on my hair.   During a certain period of time in my natural hair journey,  I was a product junkie and tried a lot of products.   I was searching  for the magic products for my hair. Once I took the time to learn the texture, porosity,  and elasticity of my hair;  I was able to choose the correct products for my hair.

My holy grail products are pictured above,  and every product was purchased with my own money.

I LOVE Body Shop’s Rainforest Moisture Shampoo!  This is one of the few shampoos that I have used that lives up to its name.  When I finish washing my hair, it feel clean and moisturized.  Other shampoos I have used would leave my hair feeling clean, but dry.  This shampoo is a winner!

Curl Junkie’s Beauticurl’s Aragon & Olive Oil Daily Hair Conditioner is the truth!  This conditioner seems to instantly detangle, as well as moisturize my hair.  It can be used as a leave-in conditioner too.

Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balance Moisturizing Conditioner is the conditioner I use to co-wash.  This conditioner has great slip and provides a good moisture boost for my hair.  This conditioner is less than three dollars at Trader Joe’s.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Cleansing CoWash is used for cowashing too.  I love the slip and the moisture it provides to my hair.  When I finish using the cowash, I don’t feel the need to add a leave-in conditioner to my hair.

Oyin Handmade products have been a mainstay in my regimen, since I discovered them in my second year of being natural.  I consistently purchase the Honey Hemp, Hair Dew and Juices & Berries for my hair.  I use the Honey Hemp for cowashing and a leave-in conditioner.  During the summer months, I use Hair Dew for a leave-in and the Juices & Berries as a refresher.

I wasn’t big on deep conditioning.  Since I have my hair colored, I know deep conditioning is essential.  There are two deep conditioners that provide the moisture and restorative conditioning my hair needs:  The Coiffed Cafe Cocoa Conniption and Blue Roze Beauty’s Cocoa Coffee Rhassoul Hair Mask.  These two products may not be available, but the product makers will have comparable products.  I love the chocolate smell of both and my hair feels soft and conditioned, after a treatment with either of these products.

I hope my Holy Grail’s can help you in your search for great products and excellent product makers!


2 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Hair Products”

  1. Great picks as your staples. I just recently got the Oyin Handmade “Hair Dew” and “Juices & Berries” and I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. I can’t stand the smell of the Hair Dew, but I hope it works well for me.


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