I’m Sick & Tired!

I’m sick and tired of people trying to tell me to get over it and deal with it he’s the president.
I’m sick and tired of hearing give him a chance. Who did he give a chance? Did he give Pres. Obama a chance? Did he try to facilitate positive change in our country? Did he give people that look like me a chance? Did he give women a chance? No he didn’t!
I’m sick and tired of  hearing it’s not that serious. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. When I heard Lil Hands state over and over he’s going to “make America great again,” while attempting to fill his cabinet with mega rich, predominantly White males who have little if any experience in the areas they are being nominated; it’s a big deal! When known White supremacist are being placed in key positions that can only “make America outwardly racists again,” it’s a big deal!

I’m sick and tired of hearing he’s all citizens of the United States president. I’ll still be shouting he’s not my president! I didn’t vote for him. We don’t share the same basic truth that all men and women are created equal. How can two walk together except they agree? It would be one thing if our differences in opinions were just politics. However, that’s not the issue. We don’t agree on foundational morals and ethics. Cheetoh Man has serious character flaws, and clearly he’s not willing to change because he’s always right!
I’m sick and tired of my own people. We complain, but don’t include a solution for our complaint. We allow the dollar to rule our decision making, when we should take a stand. In the face of opposition we can look through history and read where our people took a stand. They stood for something that mattered! Where is that today? Yet, these are the type of people we allow our children to emulate.

I’m sick and tired, yet I’m more determined than ever to be an instrument of change. I’ll talk about what I’m committing to do in my next post.

2 thoughts on “I’m Sick & Tired!”

  1. hmmm..He brought white supremacists in to the White House ?? i believe the accusations your lodging against him need explaining as i don’t see him doing any of those things,but i only hear it from liberals and democrats who love to say those things but have no proof,just their own personal opinions.And everyone has opinions.But without showing of proof considering their major accusations,without proof , that’s all they are and that means they’re empty and meaningless..e have immigration laws on the books that should be enforced,,,again..if that’s what bothers ya then you’re definitely wrong,cause those immigration policies worked for
    well several years..If you’re refering to the muslims ban that was overturned,then you’d best study what the musims believe..the quran is the one of the most vile book of beliefs and laws i’ve read in a long time..and anyone who claims Allah was a good man has a mental problem..He was a child molestor among other things i don’t care to mention…he was violent..a murderer of anyone who didn’t conform to their religion.and he encourages that followers do the same..whatever reasons you think you have for disfavoring Trump,you’d better think again and look at what life would have been like living under Hillary. If you’re a progressive ,then that might explain your feelings but this is America and the majority won’t accept a social progressive lifestyle being forced on America..It’s roots are communism..Donald Trump has done a lot of good since he’s taken office and there’s actually a legitimate physical list out there if you’d care to read it.About the football players and their kneeling..they need to keep it off the field and in their time away from work..not while playing a game..ie don’t bring politics to work,as that ain’t the place!! those fottball players are idiots for not keeping to that rule of thumb..anyways..Donald Trump is the President and you don’t have to like him.I tell people everyday,i’m pro trump and if you’re not,i understand.everyone has their own opinions and i respect that..but as it happens..they get mad and cuss me out anyway..”racist,hater,bigot” etc..i wind up saying “hey f&ck you.I’m tolerant of your opinion and didn’t start cussing you,the least you could do is understand thatin America we have the right to disagree and cussing someone out for their opinion or choice and calling them a hater is .. what..calling the kettle black!!


    1. Clearly you didn’t read my post for empathy or understanding, but to refute my opinion. We won’t agree on trump. There’s more than enough legitimate videos of words from him own mouth and his posts on Twitter that show his character. I’m not even going to debate any religion with you. We can agree to disagree. Thanks for reading my blog post 😊


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