Why Blog?

Hi Everyone!

I decided to begin blogging to share my musings with all that need encouragement, affirmation and even a good laugh.  I love to encourage and share my expertise as it relates to character building, self-esteem lifting, education and furthering your goals in life.  Everything I share is for me first, and then for those who want to benefit from the information provided.  Each of us has some type of knowledge or experience that we can share to help others be successful.  Join me as I begin this new year with another chapter in my life journey, and along the way I will share information that has helped me along my path.

Teaching is my passion.  However, by day I work in the Customer Service field.  I don’t think there is anything that can compare to facilitating learning of others and witness the illumination of the light bulb of learning.  Feel free to share your positive thoughts and constructive criticism as you read my blog.  Constructive criticism can only help me be better.  How do you feel about constructive criticism?  What does effective constructive criticism look like to you?

Check out this link that provides some good information about constructive criticism:  Constructive Criticism