Chapter 47 of the Book “Annjanette”

Tonight is the last night I will be 47 years old. The night before my birthday I always reflect on the year. I think about my trials, tribulations and triumphs. My goal is to be s better me every year, and vow to not let the same things that caused me to stumble this year, cause me to stumble next year.
I have dealt with some things that I have never dealt with before, and some things that I thought I would never have to deal with again. I look back in amazement that I’m still standing. Like Marvin Sapp says in his song “Never Would’ve Made It.”

I’m stronger, I’m wiser

I’m better, much better

When I look back over all you brought me through

I can see that you were the one I held on to

The you that I held on to is God. I don’t know how anyone can navigate life without Him. I’ve been through some things this year that I could have legit lost my mind, BUT GOD said not so!! 

I took control of my health for real this past year. Not how I had done in the past, but with consistency. Little steps turned into bigger steps and now I see my progress. I’ve lost 75lbs so far!

I’m trying to live a life of quality not quantity. I don’t want to live a long time aided by medication. I want a quality life that includes living life to the fullest while healthy. 

As I reflect, I have no regrets. Every test has become a part of my story. My story shows the essence of Annjanette. My story has helped develop the strong, God-fearing confident woman I am today.

I’m ready for Chapter 48 of the book titled “Annjanette.”

February Challenge



I’m challenging myself for the month of February, and wanted to extend the challenge to you.  Improving my health is one of my goals for 2014 and I need to begin to move my body.  I am tired of starting and stopping and want to stay committed to being healthy and fit for life.  Now, I do not have any unrealistic goals.  I’m not trying to lose 100 pounds in two months, or restrict my calories to 500 calories per day; which is starvation mode for those that didn’t know.  My goals are to eat three healthy meals per day and exercise for at least thirty minutes per day.


I want to work out thirty minutes per day to create a habit.  It’s been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit and for this reason February seemed like the ideal month to begin this challenge.  I read an article today in the February 2014 Ebony magazine that discusses eating what you love and lose weight.  You can view the article here.  The article provides a very simple method for each of your meals.


I want to live for a long time and refuse to allow bad eating habits and not exercising to limit my lifespan.  I will update you weekly on my progress.  Comment and let me know what your health and fitness goals are for 2014.

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